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AmpCamp 2014

BDAS  the Berkeley Data Analytics Stack At a minimum, suffice it to say I participated online in roughly twelve hours of lecture and lab on Nov 20 and 21, 2014 at AmpCamp 5 (I also attended one in Fall 2012). I put an emphasis on python, IPython Notebook, and SQL. Once again this year, the […]

JSONb First Looks

PostgreSQL 9.4 beta 3 on Linux — Simple JSON/JSONb compare, by Oleg — json: text storage, as is — jsonb: whitespace dissolved, no duplicate keys (last in wins), keys sorted SELECT ‘{“c”:0, “a”:2, “a”:1}’::json, ‘{“c”:0, “a”:2, “a”:1}’::jsonb; json | jsonb ————————-+—————— {“c”:0, “a”:2, “a”:1} | {“a”: 1, “c”: 0} (1 row) — emit JSON text […]

GeoPandas and NaturalEarth2 tryout

things are looking good with GeoPandas