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Debian 7 Repos Added

A small email went by today, bringing big news…    From: Jerome Villeneuve Larouche \ To: “” \ Subject: [Ubuntu] DebianGIS Repo Hello everyone, This is a small message to tell you that the DebianGIS repo for Debian Wheezy is up and that every package on it is up-to-date! Everything is built against stable so […]

Worldwide Forestry Inventory Published, Nov13

Dozens of major news outlets posted articles yesterday profiling a paper published in the journal ‘Science’ by a team led by Matthew Hansen, a remote sensing scientist at the University of Maryland, along with extensive data. ‘Published by Hansen, Potapov, Moore, Hancher et al. * Powered by Google Earth Engine‘

NLCD 06 Landcover, San Francisco Bay Area

A colleague pointed out the National Land Cover Database (NLCD) imagery today, which is not new, but it is useful. Here is a simple treatment of the San Francisco Bay Area, with city center markers matching the red urban coloring used in the base map. Click for the larger image, and you can see Lake […]