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NLCD 06 Landcover, San Francisco Bay Area

A colleague pointed out the National Land Cover Database (NLCD) imagery today, which is not new, but it is useful. Here is a simple treatment of the San Francisco Bay Area, with city center markers matching the red urban coloring used in the base map. Click for the larger image, and you can see Lake […]

Five Colors for Stats

I am building some visualization layers in Geoserver from PostGIS, which requires .sld files (until Geoserver catches up with the CSS styling world – oh wait, look here). It is convenient to show ranges using ColorBrewer2 colors in a set of one plus five.. a color for NoValue, then what I call little0, little1, central […]

Geoserver 2.3 WMS from PostGIS Vectors

… it turns out that this technique is important using QGis 1.8 with tiled WMS. You can set the following options on the wms connection properties: 1) Append this to the wms url “?TRANSPARENT=TRUE” or “&TRANSPARENT=TRUE” if your url already has more parameters 2) Check the option “Ignore GetMap URI reported in capabilities” This works […]