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plr median

—————————————– install ———— create or replace function r_median(_float8) returns float as ‘ median(arg1) ‘ language ‘plr’; CREATE AGGREGATE median ( sfunc = plr_array_accum, basetype = float8, stype = _float8, finalfunc = r_median ); —————————————– test ————— select max(a.res),avg(a.res),median(a.res),min(a.res) from ( select (st_area(wkb_geometry) – shape_area) as res from landtypes_090911_marin_parcel_adjusted) a; thuban1 Time: 21255 ms r900 Time: […]

Calling Bluff

Two years ago a hard disk arrived on the desk of a colleague, from persons claiming to have some kind of parcel data “for every state in the US.” Naturally, being very skeptical and at the same time, just a bit eager to show off open source tools on linux, I whipped up a script […]