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Buzzwords on Advanced Methods

On the OSGeo Japan -discuss mailing list regarding FOSS4G 2019 KOBE.KANSAI : 今年は、Geo-AIのテーマにマッチした、ディープラーニングの勉強が初歩から体験できるコースが2つあります!   translation: this year, there are two courses that match the theme of Geo-AI, where you can experience deep learning from the beginning! An OSGeo Japan wiki page says:    今年のテーマは「Geo-AI」です。     translation: this year’s theme is “Geo-AI”. Geo-AI a closer […]

Jupyter on o13

OSGeoLive v13 (o13)   -LINK-

OSS License Strategy

this post is an edited, public version of a DRAFT internal discussion Preamble This blog post is intended to bring together topics, facts, considerations and other useful information pertaining to upcoming licensing decisions on full-stack software. It is assumed that all license decisions must be made prior to hand-off of the works to the contract […]

Climate Aware 2019 collaborated to show this banner prominently on September 20th, 2019