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GEOS on o13

Geometry Engine Open Source ecosystem overview on OSGeoLive v13 (o13)   -LINK-   GEOS -LINK-   

Buzzwords on Advanced Methods

On the OSGeo Japan -discuss mailing list regarding FOSS4G 2019 KOBE.KANSAI : 今年は、Geo-AIのテーマにマッチした、ディープラーニングの勉強が初歩から体験できるコースが2つあります!   translation: this year, there are two courses that match the theme of Geo-AI, where you can experience deep learning from the beginning! An OSGeo Japan wiki page says:    今年のテーマは「Geo-AI」です。     translation: this year’s theme is “Geo-AI”. Geo-AI a closer […]

Jupyter on o13

OSGeoLive v13 (o13)   -LINK-

OSM Software Meta

There is a non-obvious relationship of big engines like Mapnik, and the rest of Openstreetmap activity. While building OSGeo-Live v10, I am trying to make sense of “the whole of openstreetmap software” — to make a map of it, so to speak.. but a map of logical groupings, by purpose, and weighted by popularity and […]

OSGeo-Live 9.5 Released

The OSGeo Community has announced immediate availability of the OSGeo-Live reference distribution of geospatial open-source software, version 9.5. OSGeo-Live is available now as both 32-bit and 64-bit .iso images, as well as a 64-bit Virtual Machine (VM), ready to run. Users across the globe can depend on OSGeo-Live, which includes overview and introductory examples for […]

Debian 7 Repos Added

A small email went by today, bringing big news…    From: Jerome Villeneuve Larouche \ To: “” \ Subject: [Ubuntu] DebianGIS Repo Hello everyone, This is a small message to tell you that the DebianGIS repo for Debian Wheezy is up and that every package on it is up-to-date! Everything is built against stable so […]

2013 Nottingham Workshops Begin

Data Characterization and the Live

People may already know about the OSGeo Live project. Its a great base as a VM since a) it is stable and very well tested, and b) it has much software installed, but in a way that is transparent through install scripts, so customization is as straightforward as it gets.. I was faced with a […]