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Brian M Hamlin
OSGeo Charter Member, California Chapter
EMail :   maplabs at light42 dot com

Senior Editor, committer   OSGeoLive Linux


OSGeo dot org GNU/Linux on LXQt Ubuntu   Distro-Watch

  OSGeo gitea |   github |   TRAC |   launchpad

Public Speaking and Technical Presentation Credits (selected):

Analysis Ready Data #ARD23 2023, Pipeline Session [LINK]

FOSS4G Boston 2017 Seminar on OSGeoLive Linux
Harvard Center for Geographic Analysis [LINK]
Taught a two hour seminar: intro to desktop Linux and QGIS; overview of the Openstreetmap project;
overview of internationalization (i18n) on OSGeoLive; overview of Openstreetmap edit tools; tour of PostGIS
Conference Keynote presentation on #osgeolive (5 minutes) ~1000 persons audience including representatives of the major schools of Boston

Berkeley Institute for Data Science BIDS
Graduate Science Faire Presentations 2017 [LINK] and Spring 2018
complete pipeline for RGBI ortho-imagery, custom segmentation kernel; prep for Object-based Image Analysis (OBIA);
Machine Learning OBIA search for classified polygons implemented in python and PostGIS.

UCBerkeley Rausser College / brown bag seminar; presented a one hour lecture on two occasions – GDAL + QGIS

ASPRS 2021 RS_Fire Series Continuing Education Credits

OSGeoLive Jupyter Notebooks |   OSGeo Advocate Profile | USGS Open House 2009 | Calif OSGeo hack-a-thon


 –ORCID Info–


BCE • Berkeley Common Scientific Compute Environment for Research and Education

UC Berkeley paper published: SciPy 2014


ecological non-profit experience