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New in 2024 torchGeo and OSGeo

Jupyter Will Never Fail

Hard Questions in AI using Rigor and Arts

Exit 2023

Well-known proverbs in Finnish and English (credit: Wikipedia) Time heals wounds   Aika parantaa haavat Not two without a third.  Ei kahta ilman kolmatta No boneless meat, no headless fish. The name doesn’t make a man worse, unless he names it. Not learning to pour into a ditch. No smoke without fire. Crying for joy. […]

Prizren Region Notes

Recently, a FOSS4G event was held in Prizren, in the Balkans. Here are some research resources:

GPL Four Freedoms from WordPress

great to see the GPL Four Freedoms with this WordPress 6.4x update

Canadian EO Strategy 2022

The Government of Canada (GC) recently published a broad strategy overview on the topic of satellite Earth Observation. The document -LINK- is public-facing and emphasizes the “three-Rs” of Resourceful Resilient Ready; a companion document not reviewed here, is written from a National Defence (sic) point of view, called Strong Secure Engaged. This pair, Defense and […]

Summer ASPRS in California

NAIST Survey on Github dot Com

Hello – I am Brian M Hamlin, a Charter member of OSGeo dot org. “The OSGeo Foundation is a not-for-profit supporting Geospatial Open Source Software development, promotion and education. ” First meta-comment : “Dear Free Open Source Developer” … this is not accurate, and badly so … This English means “your software is free (as […]

OSS License Strategy

this post is an edited, public version of a DRAFT internal discussion Preamble This blog post is intended to bring together topics, facts, considerations and other useful information pertaining to upcoming licensing decisions on full-stack software. It is assumed that all license decisions must be made prior to hand-off of the works to the contract […]